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Cockpit Line Organizers

When the time comes for you to choose a cockpit line organizer there are a few options out there.  Many times a sailor is looking to replace the cockpit line organizers that came stock on their boat which have corroded or failed after a few years of service.  Other times the sailor is looking to add cockpit line organizers where there were none previously.  In either case one can decide to go with a stock replacement, a similar plastic aftermarket options, or they now have the option of a solid stainless steel replacement organizer.

The Halyard Hanger is a solid stainless cockpit line organizer with a 550 paracord hanging loop which was designed to be functional, durable, and stylish.  The solid stainless body of the Halyard Hanger provides for a more secure and longer lasting cockpit line hook than the plastic hooks available on the market.  Also the paracord hanging loop provides better UV resistance and longevity than many of the bungee type loops found on other cockpit line hooks.   While browsing online sailing forums I came across many people asking where they could find replacements for their stock line organizers, and many seemed to not know they had more options out there available to them.  With the Halyard Hanger we sought to make a better option for these people to organize their cockpit, and one that will last with them through the full life of their boat.


The Halyard Hanger installed on a Beneteau 46, replacing the stock Beneteau cockpit line organizers

The Halyard Hanger has been used to organize the cockpit lines in vessels from most of the large brands as well as in many custom builds.  To the right is a customer who replaced his stock Beneteau cockpit line organizers with the Halyard Hangers, and I believe the results are spectacular.  This particular Beneteau 46 received her new line hangers recently and should have years of stylish organization in her future.


Below is another stylish instance of cockpit line organization, this time in a new Jeanneau 57.  On this particular install the customer was not replacing a stock cockpit line organizer but was instead adding a bit of organization to a spot in the cockpit which previously lacked a hanger.


So if you are in the market for a replacement cockpit line organizer, or to simply add a little organization where ever your yacht needs it, please consider the Halyard Hanger!

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Organize the lines in your boats cockpit.  If you are looking to replace the stock cockpit line organizers consider the Halyard Hanger!

Organize the lines in your boats cockpit. If you are looking to replace the stock cockpit line organizers consider the Halyard Hanger!


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