Step by Step Halyard Hanger Install on Jeanneau 39i

Halyard Hanger Step by Step Installation on Jeanneau 39i

We had the pleasure of recently installing six Halyard Hangers on a Jeanneau 39i, this was a fairly simple install which made a world of a difference.  On our last post we saw only the before and after photos, here we will go into more detail and see a step by step install with photos.  As you will see the cockpit organization, sheet and halyard organization, and general looks were all greatly improved.
First off, here is the before photo again, this is how the yacht first appeared; not bad but messy, disorganized, and overall not ideal.
Our first step was to look at the cockpit and try to visualize how we would like to see it when finished.  If you are planning your own install imagine what would be the most convenient (and stylish) location for your Halyard Hangers, how much space you would like each hanger to have?  Where would you like your sheets or halyards to be when you need them?  What areas would you like more space or less clutter?  This is your yacht make it exactly how YOU want it!

 The first step we took for this install is not necessary but it is a helpful way to plan your Halyard Hanger install.  We took common blue painters tape and laid out the locations for our hangers.  Placing painters tape allows you to see the lines and to mark locations without having to mark your yacht.  On this particular yacht the cabin top bulk head has a nice sloping line, we wanted to follow this angle and laying the tape made this very easy.

Placing painters tape to plan out install
Tape makes following lines visually easy
As you can see in the photo below marking on the tape allows you to make accurate marks and not mar your fiberglass.  You also will want to check the reverse side (inside your yacht) and make sure you are going to drill into an area that is unobstructed.
The next step is the fun part, get your drill, and 11/64 drill bit and make those holes!

Drilling the second hole through a Halyard Hanger will help with spacing
If you used tape you can now remove it and clean the surface, a prepped surface will ensure that silicon will have a clean surface to grab onto (if you choose to seal with silicon).

 To ensure a perfectly water tight seal we recommend using silicon for your install.  Place a small amount of silicon on the back of the hanger and along the threads of the through bolts.  Be sure to clean up and excess silicon when done!

You are almost there!  The next step is to install the Halyard Hangers, it will help to have someone on the inside of the yacht and another on the outside.  The person on the outside should hold the through bolt steady and properly aligned (++ instead of +x) while the person on the inside tightens the nuts.

And now you have the perfect tools to organize your halyards, sheets, or whatever else you need organized!

Halyard Hanger organizing yacht sheets and halyards
Halyard Hanger organizing yacht sheets and halyards
Halyard Hanger organizing yacht sheets and halyards
Halyard Hanger organizing yacht sheets and halyards

Thanks for reading, if you would like to purchase your own Halyard Hanger visit our website at or visit or your local marine supply store and ask for the Halyard Hanger.

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