Jeanneau 39i Halyard Hanger Before and After

Halyard Hanger Jeanneau 39i Before and After

Today we bring you before and after photos of Jeanneau 39i in San Diego California which recently received the Halyard Hanger treatment.  This stylish French yacht was already quite an impressive yacht with great styling and design, however we believe you will be convinced by the before and after photos that we have taken this yacht up a notch and really perfected its looks.

For this install we found the ideal location to mount the Halyard Hangers to be on the bulkhead just below the harken winches.  This location would make it easy to organize sheets, organize halyards, and provide great ease of use.  By installing the Halyard Hangers in this location it also freed up space and increased this yachts level of safety.  This particular yacht owner has young children and a consideration had been the safety of bringing the lines off of the floor and surfaces where they could be a tripping or tangle hazard, this is however a great consideration for all sailors and really gives everyone one less thing to worry about on your day out on the water.

Below is the before photo.  As you can see the sheets and halyards are not ideal and appear messy and disorganized.  If you need to get access to a single line out of the mass it would require more effort than you likely want to expend.   Many of us are used to this appearance, however there is now another option.

As you can see in the after photo the sheet and halyard organization is far better.  Access to any specific line is easy and stress free (and isn’t that what a day on the boat should be about after all?).  The yachts cockpit lines are also now more visible and cleaned up, and we would argue the yacht now has a better “dock presence”.

As these pictures show this yacht now has a much cleaner look.  This is a major improvement in appearance for a small cost, for a fraction the cost of a single cleaning this yacht now has its style down to a T.   

To see more details about this install tune in for our next blog post where we will give a detailed step by step account of this install, it will be a great help if you are planning out your own Halyard Hanger overhaul!

To purchase your own Halyard Hanger visit our website at

Or alternately available from or at many quality marine supply stores.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more Halyard Hanger installs!

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