Halyard Hangers on a new Jeanneau 57

Halyard Hanger Install on Jeanneau 57

We recently had the pleasure of installing two Halyard Hangers on a 2013 Jeanneau 57.  This is one sweet machine and we at KVT innovations were happy to see the Halyard Hanger looking right at home in this 57′ yachts impressive cockpit.  The Halyard Hanger is a piece of sailing hardware designed to organize yacht sheets and organize halyards, and it performs this task perfectly on the Jeanneau 57.  The Jeanneau 57 is a well thought out and stunningly beautiful yacht, for the majority of the halyards and sheets there are storage areas which elegantly hold the lines and keep them organized.  We found that the aft led genoa sheets were the old two that did not have an optimal storage location.  That was quickly fixed with the addition of two Halyard Hangers.

We made an install video to demonstrate the install process and to show the improvement the Halyard Hangers provide over the stock lay out.

 If you would like more information or to purchase your own Halyard Hangers visit our site at HalyardHanger.com or buy from Amazon.com or your local marine supply store.

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