The Halyard Hanger Has Arrived!

The Halyard Hanger, the latest product from KVT innovations, has arrived and is ready to organize your yacht, dock box, lazarette, home, garage and more!

The Halyard Hanger is the perfect solution to organize your yachts cockpit.  The Halyard Hanger was created from the need for organization of sheets and halyards in sailing yachts.  Many owners of sailing yachts have desired for a way to organize the sheets, halyards, and other lines on their boat, before the Halyard Hanger the only options were bundling the mass of lines over winches (which can create a disorganized look) or to purchase a plastic hanger.  We at KVT innovations realized that yacht owners wanted a device to hang their lines built of quality materials, able to perform under any conditions, and which would not look out of place on their stylish yacht.  The Halyard Hanger is a piece of marine hardware which will fit in with the other sailing hardware found on your yacht and not stand out like a plastic piece may.  Its rounded mirror finished stainless steel body is unobtrusive and will not snag on you while you manoeuvre around your cockpit.  Loose lines in your cockpit or on deck are not only unsightly, but can also be a hazard.  Loose lines can snag on feet, especially if you or your crews attention is focused on something else (like tacking, jibbing, or simply enjoying the sights out on the water).

The Halyard Hanger is constructed from solid marine grade stainless steel and is polished to a mirror finish.  The Hanging loop on the hanger is made from 550 paracord, a material chosen by the US military for use as parachute lines for the reasons we use it; its resistance to corrosion, its resistance to UV wear, and its immense strength, possessing a minimum 550lb tensile breaking strength.  These traits in both the stainless steel body and the hanging cord mean that the Halyard Hanger will be with you through the harshest conditions, whether on your yacht, dock box, garage or outdoors. 

The Halyard Hanger will hold your sheets and halyards for you so they are there and easy to grab when you need them , giving you the edge over that less organized crew when your in the heat of a race.   With crew members likely manoeuvring around a tight space any organization can mean increased efficiency and safety.  The organization the Halyard Hanger provides also means that when you are back at the docks your yacht will not only play the part but will look the part.  Your yacht is an elegant machine out on the water with sleek lines and purpose, it deserves to look just as sleek when back at the dock.  In the next post we will see photos of an very sharp French yacht, the Jeanneau 39i, which got the Halyard Hanger makeover.  Though already a sharp looking yacht, it is now greatly improved and now is a true beauty at the docks (after this recent install we have received happy feedback that the owner has already received compliments at the dock, thanks for the writing back we love to hear feedback!)

If you have been looking for a line organize to hang sheets or halyards on your yacht your request has finally been answered.  The Halyard Hanger is now available for purchase at,, and soon to be found in your local marine supply store.

Thank you for reading, we hope to earn your business.

If you have any questions about the Halyard Hanger, would like to place an order, or would like to carry the Halyard Hanger in your store feel free to contact us any time by email or phone
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Joseph Kline – President KVT innovations

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