Halyard Hanger install on a Jeanneau 39i

Hi everyone,

We recently had the pleasure of installing six Halyard Hangers on a Jeanneau 39i, check out the photos below to see how much cleaner these made this yacht look!  This beautiful French Jeanneau got the Halyard Hanger make over and I can say, after the install these look like they should have been there from the begging.  We will hopefully have underway photos from this vessel soon further showcasing the utility our products provide.  You will see in these photos how we performed the install, if you have any questions on the process or are planing your own Halyard Hanger install feel free to email us, and once its done we would love to see your photos!



After the Halyard Hanger install, functionality and style are definitely improved


This Halyard Hanger install showcases a remarkable new piece of sail boat hardware, the ultimate line hanger for sail boats.  If you have installed Halyard Hangers on your boat let us know and we would love to feature your photos on the site


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